Tuan chau island is not so large, Our villa is just by the beach at the south of Island near cruise habour number one.
1. Taxi airport scams.
At the airport, our staff will hang up the pick up sign with our guests’ names, some taxi drivers copy the names and write them down in his own paper, and then quickly stand far in front of our staff and try to convince you go with them. Be careful! The following are some situations that can happen:
- On the way to the hotel, if the taxi driver says that Kingly Villa is booked out and recommends you or drives you straight to another one, please do not believe him. What you should do is to contact the Villa’s number (84 4) 203 3631999 to ask for information.
- Not pay driver on the way untill you get to Kingly Villa, our receptionist will help you  see correct amout or not.
2. Money
The official currency in Vietnam is Dong. US Dollars and Euro are also accepted in many of big shops and restaurants. Various other currencies are easy to exchange in banks and even at the reception desk of Kingly Villa
Make sure that the Vietnamese notes you receive are not torn, because shops and restaurants will not accept them. The largest denomination is currently 500,000 dong (approx. US$ 22). Be careful because the 20,000 notes look only slightly different from the 500,000 one but the value is a big gap. You should keep all 500,000 dong notes separate from your other dong notes to avoid confusion.
3. Electricity
Electricity is 220 volts and 50Hz. Plugs are often either two squarepins or two roundpins. Three-pin plugs can be found in some certain places.